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Is Yerba Mate a Weight Loss tea?

We have been drinking yerba mate for decades. It is a family tradition that we share with friends and customers now.

We are often asked “how effective is yerba mate in weight loss”.

It is our experience that yerba mate regulates metabolism, it helps in digestion and keeps many drinkers regular. From our observations we know that it helps to control cravings and that may be the one element that many drinkers like about yerba mate in their daily diets.

Yerba mate is a "thermogenic" herb. It speeds up your metabolism, increasing metabolic effectiveness, helping you to burn more calories and improving the effectiveness of other weight loss herbs when they are combined with yerba mate.

Whether you drink yerba mate because you are looking for a clean source of energy or you need to lose a few pounds, you will be interested to find that research is confirming some of these personal accounts.

Recent studies show concrete evidence that yerba mate can aid in weight loss by helping you to reduce your appetite, burn stored fat and increased energy expenditure.

We have many personal accounts from customers who are drinking yerba mate to help with their weight loss program. They report that they feel less hungry when they drink yerba mate regularly.

There is a report (1) published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine that suggests that in a study performed on overweight patients who were given a supplement of Yerba Mate leaves, Guarana seeds and Damiana leaves in capsule form experienced significant delayed gastric emptying, reduced the time to perceived gastric fullness and induced significant weight loss over 45 days. Because of the slow down in the rate of gastric emptying the patients were less likely to overeat. These overweight patients were treated in a primary health care context.

This is a significant finding because many of our customers who were not part of a controlled study reported similar results.

Many athletes particularly weight lifter and runners who drink yerba mate report that they can work out longer because of the delay in the onset of lactic acid in their muscles. Delaying the condition known as “the burn” allows athletes to work out longer and burn more fat.

A study performed on athletes (2) who drank yerba mate prior to exercise found that there was an increase in fat burn through increased fatty acid oxidation. The result of this increased fat burning and the reduction of the blood lactate concentration leads to longer work out periods and increased weight loss during exercise.

The data presented in this study suggest that drinking yerba mate before exercise enhances fat metabolism during light and moderate exercise, without negatively affecting performance and helps to suppress body weight gain and measurable fat accumulation.

The combination of Caffeine, xanthines, 24 vitamins, minerals and 15 amino acids is clearly is a powerful formula that boosts your metabolism and provides clean usable energy that helps in extending workout and your weight loss effort without feeling fatigued.





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