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Benefits and concerns about yerba mate

South American conference on Yerba Mate concluded that yerba mate helps to lower LDL Cholesterol

The VI South American Congress of the Yerba Mate came to a clear conclusion, after the presentation of several scientific researchers: many of the myths that have been told for decades about the benefits of yerba mate tea are real.

Academics, scientists, producers and consumers in Montevideo shared proof of their findings, for example, daily consumption of yerba mate lowers LDL "bad" cholesterol between 8 and 9 percent and also doubles the amount of times a person goes to the bathroom.

Speaking to the local Radio 2 program - A Diaro -, Brasesco Nelson, Professor of the Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, Montevideo and conference organizer, said that everyone knows that when you drink yerba mate on an empty stomach it "helps your bowel movement." That myth was proven a reality in a study that was conducted by the Department of Gastroenterology of the University Hospital of Montevideo, which was responsible for analyzing a group of people between the ages of 16 and 48 years of age.

As for reducing the LDL "bad" cholesterol that clogs the arteries and causes cardiovascular disease, the work was conducted by the University of Florianópolis and a group of students from Mendoza. The study concluded that drinking yerba mate lowers LDL cholesterol between 8 and 9 percent. This lowering is attributed to polyphenols released in the infusion, which imparts abundant antioxidant properties to the yerba mate infusion," said Bracesco.

Drinking yerba mate

The Congress also concluded that drinking several thermos’ of yerba mate does not replace the two liters of water consumption recommended by doctors.

Dr. Daniel Lopez Rosetti, a cardiologist and specialist in Stress Medicine, warned: "yerba mate is a Gastric Irritant and can cause heartburn and esophageal burning at high doses. Ingesting high doses of the yerba mate infusion alters the heart rate which can result in a condition called Tachycardia ".

In addition, Lopez Rosetti discourages the consumption of yerba mate for people with nervous or anxiety related afflictions, and advised insomniacs not to drink yerba mate six hours before bedtime.

Nutritionist and author of "The Smart Diet," Susana Zurschmitten, noted that although yerba mate is diuretic, helps to improve digestion and burn calories, care should be taken because high doses can lead to inflammation of the liver and suppression of you immune system.


Photo and Story Source Rosario3.com

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