Yerba Mate's Popularity

As the popularity of yerba mate grows in the world we regularly get asked questions regarding the health benefit and safety risks of drinking Ilex Paraguariensis commonly known as yerba mate.
Yerba Mate grows naturally in the tropical forest of South America and through the use from the Guarani Indians who discovered the tree leaves benefits to the middle Eastern Immigrants who helped build the railroads and took the tea back home to Syria and Lebanon  to modern city dwellers, they all found a healthy energy tea that uplifted their spirits.

This infusion is made from the dried leaves and stems of this evergreen Holy species.    Traditionally it is consumed from a vessel (a common gourd) through a filtered straw (the bombilla).     By pouring hot water (150-180 degrees) over the leaves, the herb releases its vitamins and mineral into the infusion.

This infusion is drunk daily by family members, friends and any one that enjoys the tradition.      The server prepares the gourd, fills it and passes it to those participating.     They drink the contents of the gourd and return the empty vessel to the serve who then refills it and passes it on to the next person.     The vessel is communal and is shared by everyone.    It can be emptied and refilled with fresh yerba mate once it is spent or washed. 

It is popular because it contains healthy amounts of most B vitamins and minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and 15 Amino Acids.    This combination of minerals helps with digestion and general well being.

It is richer in antioxidants than regular or green tea and it contains less that 50% of the caffeine in coffee and 40% of the caffeine in green tea.
Antioxidants help fight aging, and many degenerative diseases, including atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Research has revealed that yerba mate acts as an appetite suppressant, which also helps those who are looking to lose weight and it continues to be researched for its cholesterol lowering properties.

We recommend you try the tea bags as a starter unless you have tasted yerba mate before.     You can add any type of sweetener and milk to your yerba mate tea.

Many yerba mate drinkers are experimenting with alternate methods of infusing the herb and we can report that many of our customers are successfully using both a drip type coffee brewing machine and also a French Press to infuse yerba mate.

During hot summer months yerba mate is served cold as mate cocido.   It can be infused or mixed with citrus juices like lemonade and grapefruit or just plain cold water and ice cubes.

There is always a pitcher of mate cocido in our refrigerator.

Pick up a sampler of yerba mate tea bags and give it a try and find out for yourself.


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