Which yerba mate should I use?

If you plan to drink yerba mate in the traditional way (from a mate gourd and a bombilla bombilla) and this is your first experience drinking yerba mate, we recommend that you try a "Suave" blend.

Suave blends are mild and not too strong. If you would like a variety of flavors we recommend trying one of the variety packs that has the orange, lemon or grapefruit flavored yerbas.

CBSe and Cachamate make nice blends of Hierbas Serranas (mountain herbs) and Taragui makes several unique blends like Mediteranean Pear and Passion Fruit.

There are many different yerba mate teas, as you start drinking and enjoying the various tastes you will develop your own preference and your own list of favorites.
If you are an experienced drinker you will find a variety of well-known brands to satisfy you discerning tastes.



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