What is the best bombilla?

There are several styles of bombillas that we sell. The yerba mate tea filters are called bombillas (pronounced bohm-bee-juz or bohm-bee-lee-us).

The best bombilla is subjective and depends on how and where you plan to use it.

If you are looking for an organic bombilla then the bamboo is the best choice. The bamboo bombilla if it is cared for properly will last a long time. They tend to get soft and eventually deteriorate if not dried between uses.

The traditional metal bombilla with the bulb that you can remove and clean are great. they have a threaded coupling that the bulb attaches to the straw.

Most of these bombillas are traditionally copper with nickle plating. The models vary according to the manufacturer. They are between 6 to 7.5 inches long. Some are straight, some are curved for ease of used.

The simple models do not have a heat sink. This is an attachment close to the sipping end that because of material and the way they are attached act as heat sink. They get hot and do not allow the tip to get hot so the person drinking does not burn their lips.

The new spring loaded type of bombillas are unique and creative. The have a convenient way to easily open and remove the filter for ease of cleaning. All you have to do is pull the spring-loaded cover and slide it to a side to clean.

We carry several model and recommend them all. Most of these bombillas will provide many years of good service.

We also carry Alpaca metal bombillas. These bombillas are made from an alloy that is very similar to Silver. These bombillas are not plated and are prefered over the nickel plated ones.



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