What is Terere?

We would like to share with our yerba mate friends’ Tereré.

Tereré is an infusion of yerba mate, similar to mate but prepared with cold water or fruit juices instead of hot water.    It is a very refreshing option on hot summer days.

It originated in Paraguay and now it is popular in northeastern Argentina and southern Brazil. The Guarani people call this infusion ka'ay, where ka'a means herb and y means water.

The majority of people in Paraguay make their Tereré with water and other herbs such as mint and Lemongrass.   

Another way to infuse your yerba mate is with citrus fruit juices.   

Infusing yerba mate with fruit juices is very common in northeastern Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

Infusing yerba mate with lime and orange juices is common in northeastern Argentina and Paraguay, while Brazilians prefer lime and pineapple juice.

Tereré like yerba mate is a social beverage.

It is common to prepare a jar of iced lemon water (lemonade) and share the infusion in a typical large gourd (or tall glass) and bombilla and then, shared by a group of friends.      It is an excellent low calorie, non alcoholic refreshing drink that invigorates the body with vitamins and minerals.   It is also a great way for friends and family to share and commune.

We can recommend a mate gourd and bombilla combination to enhance your Tereré drinking experience.


Here a couple of ways you can prepare Tereré

Step 1

Step 2  

Step 3

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Step 6

Step 7 


Fill a pitcher with water and ice cubes then add sweetener of choice to taste.

Squeeze a couple of fresh limes or lemons into pitcher.
Option:   You can substitute with organic lemonade.

Mix and stir the contents of the pitcher.

Pour loose yerba mate into a tall glass or a traditional large gourd.

Insert the bombilla into the tall glass or traditional gourd.

Pour the lemonade into the tall glass or traditional gourd.

Sip through the bombilla.    


-- Refill and share! --

What is Terere?
Glass ready to pour Lemonade

Here is an alternative.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


You can pour the loose yerba mate into a tall glass or a traditional large gourd
Insert the bombilla into the tall glass or traditional gourd

If you are at the beach or park and you can not prepare an iced pitcher of lemonade, you can pack the top of the tall glass or traditional gourd with ice cubes and then you can pour the bottled organic lemonade over the tall glass for a refreshing alternative. 
We do this often when we are away from home.   Try it, its great!

Whar is Terere?
Glass with Ice ready to pour Lemonade


This is a friendship drink so share it with friends and family.




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