How should I choose a gourd?

Pick one for the amount you would like to drink per sitting--or how many people you often entertain. A small 3-4 oz. mate makes a great "personal" mate.

A Brazilian cuia or Gigante is just the thing for passing around with friends or at a party.

The artisan 5-6 oz. just seem perfect for a couple... but these are just ideas.

Mates come in a variety of materials including the traditional gourd, palo santo (iron wood), ceramic and glass. You may also choose to use a regular ceramic mug to drink your Yerba Mate from. 

Drinking Yerba is a way of life; a ritual that changes in every moment, the way our lives change. It is all a matter of personal preference. You may choose an Artisan Mate to use for guests and a plain gourd for yourself.

If you will be drinking Yerba Mate at work, you may like the ceramic style or the palo santo for the durability.

Most Materos have more than one mate cup or gourd in use at any time depending on the circumstances, how many people will be drinking, where it will be used, etc.



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